The Buzz

"Dunwoody has proven once again why he is the post-apocalyptic master…The Harvest Cycle will easily be remembered as one of the best books of the year."
-William Todd Rose, author of The 7 Habits

"Unlike any apocalyptic tale I have ever read. David Dunwoody has introduced us to a unique and intriguing world."
-Doubleshot Reviews

"Calling The Harvest Cycle a horror story seems like a serious understatement - Dunwoody has raised the bar for bone-chilling storytelling."
-Ursula K. Raphael of The Zombiephiles

"A respectful and unique nod to H.P. Lovecraft told by a young master storyteller. Dunwoody creates a dark apocalyptic future that is equal parts high octane action and violent well-timed horror."
-Jonathan Moon, author of Heinous and Mr. Moon's Nightmares

"The Harvest Cycle is so full of smart and scary stuff that it leaves you spent and shaken."
-Robert R. Best, author of the Memorial trilogy

"Had me hooked right away...with so many different creature types and human demographics that were thrown at him, [narrator Al] Dano proceeded without missing a beat."

"Never have my concepts of horror and disturbia been pushed so far. Dunwoody has done it again!"
-Benjamin Rogers, author of Faith & the Undead

"A perfect example of apocalyptic horror."
-Michael S. Gardner of Living Dead Corner

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